The kitchen of Hotel Ullensvang has high ambitions and works according to very strict quality requirements. The focus is on home made food as well as traditional Norwegian cuisine.

Buffet restaurant

spisesal hotel ullensvang

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the Buffet Restaurant. Our large “Ullensvang buffet” is widely known – a rich buffet from our proud kitchen, consisting of lots of home made food. The buffet is filled with the best from the sea, prepared in a majority of methods, as well as tempting cold meats and salads for those that desire. Included in the warm food we have traditional local dishes such as “Hakkesteik” and “sour cream porridge”, and a wide range of meat, fish and seafood prepared focusing on freshness and taste. All good meals should end with a dessert. We offer a rich choice of cakes made by our skilled chefs, marinated berries and jellies, ice cream, selection of cheeses and of course home made caramel pudding.

Our buffet restaurant can seat up to 500 guests. Together with “Komponisten” (Edvard Griegs private dining room) and “Meteorologen” (Nils Hertzbergs private dining room), the capacity increases to 600 persons. The restaurant is built on different levels in order to be able to see the fjords from each and every table.

A la carte restaurant “Zanoni”

Zanoni is open in the summer season (10th of June – 12th of August 2017) Tuesdays – Saturdays.

You will be delighted by the atmosphere in our intimate à la carte restaurant “Zanoni”! We offer you both Norwegian and international food – with a slight Italian touch. Experience a modern, stylish restaurant with an open kitchen solution, offering a breathtaking view over the Fjord and the Folgefonna Glacier.  We highly recommend a table reservation and please note that the concept is best suited for our adult guests.

Lobby bar

Our lobby bar is situated right beside the à la carte restaurant where you have the possibility to order light meals as well as a large variety of coffees.

Dance bar

Our dance bar is located on the first floor – offering live music all days except Sunday. Enjoy your evening with a good tipple in great company!

Several lounges are located right next to the bar, inviting you to enjoy your aperitif, digestive or night cap. It´s also a perfect place to just relax after dinner and enjoy the beautiful view.

Wine cellar – “Munkens trøyst”

You´ll find our wine cellar “Munkens Trøyst” behind the door with the impressive wood carving on the first floor. The name of the cellar is inspired by the old monastery which once was located in Lofthus. It could best be translated into “The Monk´s Comfort”. In those surroundings, excellent food and wine is the centre of attention, but we also invite you to discover more of the culture and traditions that Hardanger and the hotel have to offer. Enjoy your private dinner, a glass of wine or the famous Hardanger apple cider in a truly historical environment in the walls date back to 1865!

Hardanger Meny Logo

Hardanger Meny

The project “Hardanger Meny” started in the autumn of 2004. The goal of this project is to increase the use of local ingredients and to safeguard the local food traditions in Hardanger. Hardanger is rich in raw material of very good quality. We may mention fruit and berries, lamb, veal, goat, deer, reindeer, mountain fish and seafood. Hardanger farmers are specialists in fruit and berries. Hardanger is the area in Norway that grows the most apples and cherries.

The project wants to promote local food production and make the products available to the public, including purchase directly from manufactures. To be able to use “Hardanger Meny”, the place must offer one or more dishes, which is mainly made from local ingredients.

Smak Av Kysten

Taste of the coast

“Taste of the coast” is a network project that aims to provide knowledge and increase the use of seafood by offering residents, visitors and tourists a unique experience associated with seafood and costal culture. The project will further contribute to develop a stronger organization of local, costal-based seafood business and culture. Through the program, companies will se a minimum revenue increase of 5% by seafood.