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Historic hotels and restaurants in Norway

Members are not ”ordinary” hotels and restaurants. They are landed estates, country houses, manors, timber-built hotels in pseudo-Swiss and Jugend style, old coaching inns and many more historic buildings that have been transformed into beautiful, small, romantic hotels and restaurants.

This, and the passion they feel about their role as hosts, is what primarily characterises De Historiske!



Hotel Ullensvang is approved Eco-lighthouse. This is an accredited certification stating that the business has built up good practices to safeguard the environment and climate.

Hotel Ullensvang will continue to be committed to operate environmentally friendly and to have a clear and documented environmental profile.


Famous Hotels of The World

“The Most Famous Hotels in the World” are hotels of outstanding historic significance in the world. Since 1986 the history of these hotels are professionally researched. People from all over the world tell “The Most Famous Hotels in the World” about them. They find them. They are presented to an independent jury. They finally select the hotels, each of which can call itself a “Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World”.