Hotel Ullensvang lies idyllically on the sunny side of Sørfjorden, which is an arm of the Hardangerfjord. Behind the hotel, you´ll discover the majestic Hardanger mountain plateau – a national park offering numerous hiking possibilities.


The peaceful village of Lofthus invites you to do walks through a unique culture- and nature landscape. The “Hardanger Fruit Trail” takes you on a local historical walk through the heart of the Norwegian fruit production. Combine your tour with a visit at a local farmer and make sure you don´t miss some fruit tasting!

Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau

Explore the biggest mountain plateau of Northern Europe, Hardangervidda, and take the “Monk steps” up to Nosi, from where you will enjoy a spectacular view.


How about a visit at the Skredhaugen open-air museum, where you can admire the Bernhard Greve collection (art- and cultural-historical museum)? If you´re interested in fruit production, “Bioforsk research centre” is the perfect place for you to visit. The most known of all sites is the “Ullensvang Church”, built in 1250 and immortalized by Tidemand and Gude in their world famous picture “Bridal Procession in Hardanger”. Combine your visit at the church with a Grieg concert at “Hardanger Musikkfest” sometime in may.

The Hardanger area offers a wide variety of cultural and nature based experiences and museums. Click HERE for more details or contact us directly for more information!

Hardanger Bridge

The Hardanger Bridge opened on the 17. august 2013, offering a ferry free access from Bergen to the hotel.  The travelling time was then reduced to 2.5 hours. The bridge is one of the world’s longest suspension bridges with a separate lane for pedestrians and bicycles. Many exciting excursions are all of a sudden much easier accessible!